Whatsapp Game : Unlock any dare

Question :


Whatsapp Game : Unlock any dare

Ek Alphabet Choose kro n UNLOCK the DARELOCK.

Answer :

Just have fun & do it, Don’t be shy!!😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
🔓A. Send me ur pic
🔓B. Set status as i m useless
🔓C. Change ur name
🔓D. Set a dp I give you
🔓E. Tell me your biggest secret
🔓F. Make my picture your dp
🔓G. Send me your funny picture
🔓H. Write my name in ur status wid I Love u❤
🔓I. Ask me out
🔓J. Tell me that you love me
🔓K. Tell me how many times u had any bf/gf
🔓L. Tell me wat u think of me
🔓M. Send me a voice note sayin “i luv u”
🔓N. Give me a one Cadbury silk(bubbly)😍
🔓O. Tell me the stupidest thing you did in your life
🔓P. Write my name in ur status for a day
🔓Q. Send me video of you telling me I am sweet
🔓R. Give me A kiss
🔓S. Put my picture as your dp for 24 hours with ❤
🔓T. Ask me to marry you👪
🔓U. Write that u love me your status msg
🔓V. Type your lover name with kisses smiley
🔓W. Tell nickname
🔓X. Tell me your gf/bf’s name👫
🔓Y. Tell me ur bf name🙇
🔓Z. Tel me ur lover num

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