Riddle: 7 Guys 6 Rooms. All men Want a Room all by Themselves



7 Guys 6 Rooms. All men Want a Room all by Themselves.
The Hotel Manager put the first two guys in room number 1.
The Third Guy in Room Number 2.
The Fourth Guy in Room Number 3.
The Fifth Guy in Room Number 4.
The Sixth Guy in Room Number 5
But The Room Number Sixth is still Empty.

Can anyone provide Explanation?

Whole of the internet is baffled but no one is able to provide answer to this Riddle.


It has been claimed by many people that it is a fake Riddle,which has no solution. Thanks Christina and ‘ someone’ for your comments below.
Actually, It appears he never did anything with the 7th guy. Thanks for pointing out.


22 thoughts on “Riddle: 7 Guys 6 Rooms. All men Want a Room all by Themselves

      1. There is a variation of this where the manager goes back and gets the 7th guy from the first room meaning that the guy left out would either be guy 1 or guy 2

  1. most logical one is more like .. these guys never showed up to the hotel at the same time. 1/2 showed up obviously right before check out.. then 3 then 4 and so on.. room 6 was occupied by guy number 7 until checkout time and then the manager took guy 2 out of that room and put him in room 6.. everyone is happy.

  2. I say one of the seven guys is a child, he says he goes back to the first room, which to me is the lobby and gets the 7th guy, thus leaving 2 people in room 1

    1. guys guys guys i figured out how it works…

      7 guys 6 rooms.. all want a room to themselves.. so room 1-6 has a dude in it. but also there is a waiting room obviously in a hotel.. well they are all in a room alone.

  3. I think that the 7th guy is the luggage carrier person lol what are they called? So the 6 guys in a room are the guests & #7 is the bag boy . Apparently the answer is simple and obvious sooo… Voila! Youre welcome lol

  4. Um to blow a huge whole in your idea let me say this, they do all arrive at the same time. For whatever reason that was omitted from the riddle on this page.

  5. there’s a hotel with six rooms ‘ they didn’t say the words left or only had implying that this hotel could have more rooms aka the 7th person came much earlier and already took a room leaving 6 rooms available < second guess

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