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i never appear alone and i am hardly seen individually


i never appear alone and i am hardly seen individually. just like the same movie can be interpreted differently, people have various opinions about me. when i am seen, some people welcome me, some do not even seem to care, some may even complain about my arrival, and some may not even notice me until i make my appearance obvious. but nonetheless, i focus more on how i can enjoy my life to the fullest with the limited time that i am given. i know that my presence is not familiarized in any other time of the year, so when it is time for me to be called upon, i am blissful. i am not quite sure if my peers think as i do, but i am always ready to take a jump like i was born to do this. from the highest view that anyone can offer, i am granted the sight of the entire world, and i have all the time i need to appreciate it. i wonder what your thoughts on me is like.

what am i?