Who is the hijacker


IIM question.. Answer if you can..

On a national holiday a lady , a school boy , a lawyer , a pilot and a doctor  were travelling in a bus 🚍 which was climbing up on a hill.. Suddenly the bus was hijacked by one of the passengers.. With tension arose, the bus driver collides the bus with a car accidentally in a hairpin bend.. Everyone in the bus fell unconscious except school boy who was seriously injured. Everyone were hospitalised ..

When police made an enquiry at school boy about hijack, he said 3 words “i am dying” to police and died.. Next minute police arrested the hijacker.

How?  

Find out the answer if you are brilliant 


Doctor. Reason being, on the death bed the child will not lie. If hijacker was anyone other than doctor, he would have named him directly. But if he would have said ‘doctor’, it would have meant he needs a doctor (as he was dying). Hence he says ‘I am Dying’ so immediate reaction would be to call out ‘doctor’ answering the question asked by police.

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