A Lady Buys Goods Worth Rs 200 – Confusing Puzzle


Take your time to think and answer this.. Often you feel like changing answer ???

(This was asked in IAS exam!)

A very simple but confusing puzzle.

A lady buys goods worth rs.200 from a shop. (shopkeeper selling the goods with zero profit).

The lady gives him 1000 rs note. The shopkeeper gets the change from the next shop and keeps 200 for himself and returns rs.800 to d lady.

Later the shopkeeper of the next shop comes with the 1000rs note saying “duplicate” and takes his money back.

“How much LOSS did the shopkeeper face ?”

A. 200

B. 800

C. 1200

D. 1800

E. 2000

F. 1600

G. Other

Simple yet confusing n challenging.



Answer is Rs 1000. The 800 Rs belonged to SK2 which SK1 gave to the lady.Effectively, the 1000 Rs taken by SK1 from SK2 is the loss.


3 thoughts on “A Lady Buys Goods Worth Rs 200 – Confusing Puzzle

  1. Shpkpr 1 gives 200rs good to lady..lets call it as loss1….
    shkpr1 gives 800 rs change to lady..lets call it as loss2….
    now when shpkpr2 says that note is duplicate…shpkpr 1 has to returnn his 1000rs….. but he has only 200 in hand…. so he has to put 800 more…lets call that as loss3…
    so loss1+loss2+loss3 = 1800

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