What is The Girl’s Name Puzzle -WV733N


This Question was submitted by Shantare to us using submit a puzzle!! See if anyone can help  with the answer !!

❗dimag hai❓to jawab do❗

? एक लड़का
? एक लड़की से उसका नाम पूछता है…
वो कहती है मेरा नाम मेरी कार ? की नम्बर प्लेट में छुपा है
? कार का नम्बर था WV733N

? लड़की का नाम बताइए❓❓

⏳ Time startsnow⏳

? This question asked in IAS ?

❗❗let’s check ur IQ❗❗


Answer is Neelam (Just read the word WV733N from opposite side ).

Thanks to someone (dont know who – in comments below) for answering it !! Like us for more puzzles and riddles !

27 thoughts on “What is The Girl’s Name Puzzle -WV733N

    1. Hello Saara, just see the letters from opposite side. Leller N appear as N. Number 3 appear as letter E. Number 7 seen from opposite side is actually letter L and so on. Hope this clarifies. Please like us😂

  1. Last word to start N nd double 33 to turn this is EE… 7.TURN THIS IS L ….V TURN THIS WORD IS A….ND W TURN THIS IS M

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