Math Puzzle : One rabbit saw 6 elephants while going towards River.

Question :



One rabbit saw 6 elephants while going towards River.
Every elephant saw 2 monkeys are going toward river.
And Every monkey holds one parrot in their hands.

Now tell us how many animals are going towards river.

Hint : Use Maths Logic


Answer : scroll down..

Case 1: Best Case Scenario ( minimum animals to make the statement true)

1 rabbit saw 6 elephants while going to river. So, its only rabbit going to river and not the elephants.

Every elephant saw 2 monkeys going to river. So, it could be same 2 monkeys seen by all the elephants. So there are 2 monkeys going to river.

Hence, total = 1+2 = 3

Case 2: Worst case scenario ( treating all as animals. i.e. max number of animals to make the statement true)

1 Rabbit

6 Elephants

6*2=12 Monkeys

Each monkey has 1 parrot in hand so 12 parrots.

Total = 1 + 6 + 12 + 12 = 31


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      1. I agree with the second statement but the Elephants should not be added in as it doesn’t say they are going to the river. Also, birds are an animal just a specific classification of the animal Kingdom therefor 25 animals

    1. birds belong to kingdom animalia… birds are animals. even humans are. i hope u pay more attention in the biology class… 🙂

      1. Lol, yes you are right indeed. Depending on belief you can choose either of the 2 answers we posted. Please like us !!

    2. Every means each rite, then how can you say) same 2 monkeys seen by all the elephants.. There is little difference between all and every

    3. Absolute answer is 3, and parrots are also animals. But parrots are taken by parrots are not going by itself.

    4. Sorry wrong. All living things are classified into 2 major groups ie, plants and animals. So long as parrot does not belong to plants, it can be animal only.

  1. One rabbit saw 6 elephants while going to river has no special characters
    one rabbit saw “6 elephants while going to river”
    or “one rabbit” saw 6 elephants while going to river.
    Who is going to river in the above sentence the rabbit or the elephants?

    1. Its not 6 elephants going to river….
      Its 6 elephants while going to river… So its very clear that only rabit is going to river..

  2. I guess its 3 . Parrot is bird so they are out of the race. Rabbit while going to the river saw 6 elephants. And all the 6 elephants saw same 2 monkeys going to the river. So onluy 2 monkeys and a rabbit are going to the river….

    1. Absolute answer is 3,and parrots are also animals..why because human beings and animals are there in our nature,then birds are also animals(some times humans are also animals).. but answer is 3,why because there parrots are taken by monkeys towards the river.. so finally answer is one rabbit and two monkeys going towards the river..

  3. Nowhere it is clear Rabbit is going towards river, and it says “saw”. That means to me, zero animals going towards river

  4. Wow… you guys are fucking stupid as shit! Are you seriously fucking debating whether a bird is an animal!?!? Really? If it isn’t an animal, what the fuck is it? Please explain this…Wow.

  5. What If the 6 elephants saw the same 2monkeys ( not each 2 monkeys ) Isn’t this question raise!!
    Then it will be 1rabbit+ 2 monkeys

  6. Only eight animal (6 elephants+ 2 monkeys) were going towards river.
    – the rabbit only saw not went to river.
    – the two monkeys holds one parrot each which are birds not animals.

  7. Let’s use English here and not math. A rabbit along with a parade of elephants a troop of monkeys and pandemonium of parrots went to the river….
    Simple as it is😃😃😃

  8. all wrong, correct answer:

    Only 5 elephants, because the rest all scared and go back home to watch POGO channel,, ha ha

    1. It didnt say elephants are not going to river. Rabit saw elephants while going. It could be possible elephants are also going to river and rabit saw on the way

  9. Ans. Is 25
    The is 1 Rabbit who is going towards river and saw elephants..
    So (consider 1 Rabbit) and

    1 elephant saw 2 Monkeys are going towards River
    So dere r 6 elephants so (consider 12 Monkeys..)

    And every Monkey holds 1 Parrot in hand.. so (consider 12 Parrots)

    1 Rabbit + 12 Monkeys + 12 Parrots = 25 Animals

  10. Bloody hell there are 2 monkeys only so each can see 2 monkeys so there must be 2 monkeys when an elephant can see only 2 monkeys are the remaining monkeys invisible?for other elephants there are only TWO Monkeys so each can see only two so 1 rabbit+ 6 elephants+2MONKEYS+ 2 Parrots =11(ELEVEN) Onlyyyyyy 😤😡😡😡😡

  11. Brain teasers require u think out of the box, u need to read every line with understanding. 5 animals were going towards the river. ATU CHIDERA said so. Remember, 1 rabbit saw 6 elephants, the elephants wia not going towards the river, each element saw 2 monkeys, that means there were only 2 monkeys, since each held a parrot, we have 2 parrots, (1+6+2+2=11 animals seen). 11-6elephants since they were not said to be going to the river=5 animals doing road work towards the river. QED!!!

  12. The elephants just saw 2 monkeys & not parrots,so there is no witness to prove about parrots,is just the writer saying that.(seeing & hearing aren’t the same).I will go to 1 rabbit & 2 monkeys are going forwards to the river.

  13. correct answer is 3 as rabbit and 2 monkeys which come under animal category are going towards river, and most of them will consider parrot but they are birds not animal

  14. Well according to me it should be one i.e. only a rabbit is going. As regards monkeys, they cannot walk like humans or apes on two legs holding the parrots. The monkeys are just put in for the sake of confusion.

  15. I do have an issue with the statement “And every monkey holds one parrot in their hand”. It does not categorically tell us whether or not they had parrots in their hands..the first two sentences and present continuous but the last one looks like a general statement: this measuring cup holds two cups of flour. It does not mean there is flower in the measuring cup at the time of the observation. So my answer is three; a rabbit and two monkeys; worst case scenario, 5 if we assume the money’s had parrots in their hands at the time.

  16. Just a wild thought..why are we ignoring Elephants? Possibility could be that Elephants are also going towards river & since Rabbit is fast so he could hv seen them while going towards river.

  17. Birds ARE animals.
    The answer is 1 rabbit, 2 monkeys, and 2 parrots. Total of 5 animals going towards river.
    The other answer of 31 doesn’t make sense, since every elephant essentially saw the same 2 monkeys.
    The only correct answer would be 5. Not 31, not 3, it’s 5 animals going towards river.

  18. The real answer is 3 reason because – in every puzzle, just like magic; there is always the ‘FOCAL’ and the ‘BAIT’. The FOCAL is where the answer lies buy the BAIT is a distraction.
    Usually the trick is that, the BAIT is often more frequent than the FOCAL. Here the FOCAL is “animals” and the BAIT is “numbers”. So in all there are 3 animals going to the river aside the Elephant listed above.

    So therefore Ans: 3.
    *Note the numbers are the BAIT.

  19. Rabbit is not going in river as a question is towards going inriver …and parrot is an bird not animal so not count … Next elephant saw 2 monkeys 6 or more elephants can see only 2 monkeys because there 2 monkeys .. Finally answer is 6 elephants and 2 monkeys

  20. As per the kingdom animalia, animals are classified into two types. Vertebrates and invertebrates.parrot will come under first you have to include parrot also. My frnd

  21. One Rabbit saw 6 Elephant going towards river = 1 Rabit = 6 Elephant = 7
    Six Elephant saw two monkeys + 2 Monkeys = 2
    ( Parrots are Birds and not animals)

    Answer is 9

  22. 1 Rabit + 2 Monkeys + 2 parrots = 5 animals going towards the river as 6 elephants are not going towards the river, so shouldn’t be counted. Parrots are also going towards the river as they are in motion with respect to surroundings according to Physics.

  23. an·i·mal
    a living organism that feeds on organic matter, typically having specialized sense organs and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to stimuli.
    “animals such as spiders”

  24. Completely agree. The rabbit and two monkeys are physically moving themselves closer to the river, while the parrots are stationary and being carried towards the river. I say 3.

  25. Note: parrot is not an animal.
    There is 2 answers
    3, if the elephant saw the same monkeys
    13, if the elephant saw different monkeys.

  26. Rabbit going towards River.
    River is a park Ranger.
    Rabbit was not going towards the same river as the two monkeys and one parrot.

    Animals going towards river total 3
    2 monkeys
    1 parrot.

  27. I think it’s only two monkeys with four parrots on each monkeys’ hands which make it 6. And the questions says how many animals are going towards ‘river’ not River.

  28. What is all 6 elephants saw 2 different monkeys?
    So 12 monkeys are going towards river 1 Rabbit is going
    So answer is 13
    OR to consider Parrots within the answer, though they are birds
    12 monkeys will have 12 parrots and 1 Rabbit so 25 can be another answer.

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