Guess The Songs


Guess the original hindi songs try ur brains:


1. . Oh,this night,this season,along the river bank,this playful wind


2. Day is about to end,twilight is on the way,let me go,I have to go


3. I have forgotten my parents place as my beloveds house is lovely.someone please inform my maternal abode about the same


4. what happened to your promise,that vow,that belief? The day my heart forgets you will be the last day of my life


5. now that you have stolen my heart,don’t steal my have changed my life but don’t change yourself dear


6.Every second this life changes itself.sometimes there is shade,sometimes there is sun


7.  Shall I tell you or shall I keep quiet about the condition of my heart


8. listen sir,the tune of love. I have chosen you, now you too do the same


9.  You please don’t go to your mothers place.don’t go my darling


10.  I want to tell you for the first time; you have brought love,love,love into my life


11. Who is the one coming in my dreams? Who is the one entering my heart? See the sky is also bowing. My love has thus blossomed


12. Where  shd  I  go  without u  ?  Hv not desired  anything  other  than  u  in  this  world


13.  Why  did  I  love  u  ?  Why  did  I  make my  heart  so  impatient  ? Waited  for  u  mrn  and  evening …….and  day  n  ngt  too

try n solve…


1. Yeh raatein yeh mausam nadi ka kinara, chanchal hawa

2. Dhal gaya din, dhal gayi raat , jaane do jana hai

3. Bhul gayi babul ka desh piya ka ghar pyara lage

4. Kya hua tera vada, yeh kasam yeh irada

5. Chura liya hai jo tumne yeh dil ko , nazar nahi churana sanam

6.  Kya hua tera vada, Wo kasam wo irada

7. Kehdu tume ya chup rahu..dil me mere kya he

8. sun saiba sun pyar ki dhun maine thuje chun liya hai to bhi mujhe chun le .

9. Tu mayke mat jaiyo…mat jaiyo meri jaan

10.  Kehna ha aaj tumse ye pehli bar, tum hi to layi ho jeewan me mere pyar pyar pyar

11. Kaun hai jo sapno mein aya, kaun hai jo dil mein samaya

12.  Tum bin jaaoon kahan – 2, Ke duniya mein aake

13. Kis liye maine pyar kiya, Dil ko yoon hi beqarar kiya, Shaam savere teri raah dekhi

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