Microwave Riddle : A Man Comes Home from Work and says” Honey I Am Home”



Microwave Riddle : A Man Comes Home from Work and says” Honey I Am Home”.

The Microwave is on ,defrosting a chicken dinner.From the Bedroom his wife shouts “Hi Sweetie,could you have a look at the microwave and tell me how much time is left?”

He immediately runs out and calls the police.   Informing him that his wife is in danger?Why?

Answer:please scroll down(Please Provide your opinion below in Comments section).

The Man was Blind so he suspects that his wife is in some danger and thus calls the police.

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  1. That’s explained. That’s the whole thing : she asks him to look at the microwave. But she knows he’s blind (and he knows that she knows). Therefor, he knows that if she asks him to “look” that’s because something is wrong in the bedroom (another person maybe who doesn’t know he’s blind). Therefor he knows something is wrong.

  2. the answer to a riddle should be in the original question posed. this was flat out cheating, as it throws a radical curve ball with the whole blind thing to solve it. no intellect required to solve this, as it illogically throws unknown info out at the end. womp womp.

  3. The man cqlls 911 because he came tired from work and his wife before didn,t told him something like this so he was worried

  4. Maybe he has a pet named honey and then when he heard a women he was hella confused…idk I’m confused too with the whole blind thing

  5. Normally his wife cooked roast beef and mashed potatoes with gravy. The fact that microwave chicken was on the menu would make him alarmed since his wife cleary had lost her mind.

  6. Where the sandwich would he be working where they hire blind man who can even run without being able to see gotta see that company

  7. He immediately knew something was wrong because he’s a male chauvinistic ogre who never helps his wife with anything, so when she addresses him as “sweetie” and asks him to do something for her, like check on dinner, he is alerted that something is wrong- very wrong. This analysis is bolstered by the fact that he “immediately runs out,” thus running away from the danger rather than running to rescue his wife, a cowardly behavior common in male chauvinistic ogres.

  8. i think that he wasn’t blind, just the chicken caught on fire and the wife was too far too make it in time without getting burned, therefore he called 911

  9. Maybe some woman started sucking the blind mans c0ck. And he knows his wife never does that. So, he knew it had to be someone else in the house?

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