an ex policeman lost his house riddle


an ex policeman lost his house his car his girlfriend riddle

7 thoughts on “an ex policeman lost his house riddle

  1. Nope, over thinking leads to wrong results. I also lost the same way. He was a retired policeman. He lost his house first, just as it is mentioned.

  2. If I may ask where exactly did they say he was a retired policeman? because if you can make that kind of assumption then I can also say he was fired. 🙂

  3. This is correct @Tebs. It’s also possible he quit, and hasn’t found a new job as a policeman yet. It’s also possible he died on the job. These scenarios would all qualify.

    This is a stupid trap trending on Instagram right now where there is no way to win. If you say retired, they say “No, wrong! He quit.” If you say quit, they say “No, wrong! He retired.” and so on.

    Furthermore, even if you concede to them being correct and he did retire (and not quit/fired/laid off/died/etc), then it STILL DOES NOT IMPLY that he lost his house first, as statements in English like this do not imply order. Example: Person 1: “What did you do today?” Person 2: “Lets see…I bought new shoes, I got some groceries, I was at the office for almost 10 hours trying to meet a deadline, oh, and met my wife for lunch at our favorite restaurant.” All of these things happened, but most likely not in that order.

    This silly thing needs to die already. Much like the ex-policeman.

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