At a 4 legged table riddle Or how many legs are under the table riddle

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how many legs are under the table riddle


At a 4 legged table riddle

And here for the 4 legged table regards riddle we have an answer!

As we are posting some interesting riddle here is one of them known as At a four legged table riddle also searched as how many legs are under the table riddle

Try solving 4 legged table riddle yourself by checking how many legs are under the table and you must might guess the At 4 legged table riddle answer

At a four legged table,

There are 1 grandma,

2 moms,

2 daughters

and a granddaughter.

How many legs are under the table ?

Before answering it we would like to know your opinion on At 4 legged table riddle ,so please provide your answer to how many legs under the table

Think logically ,as At 4 legged table riddle answer is bit tricky.

You may come up with various conclusion on as to how many legs under the riddle

Going via logical thinking of at a four legged table riddle. We come up with proposal that  16 legs  is correct  answer to under how many legs are under the table so when we add the four legs of table to 12 legs of people.

So finally the correct answer to At a four legged table riddle or how many legs under the table  is 16 .


14 thoughts on “At a 4 legged table riddle Or how many legs are under the table riddle

  1. You forgot to add the chair legs…. for the ladies to have their legs under the table, they must be sitting…

  2. Ten legs. There are three people at the table. A granddaughter, he mother and her mother’s mother.
    Forget the chairs!

  3. To get the three ladies legs under a table, they need to be sitting. So the two front legs of each chair would have to be under table too. So 16. Or since they don’t mention sitting and no way to get legs under the table while standing the answer is 4 for the 4 table legs

  4. A riddle MUST have the ability to be solved by simply reading it. You don’t ASSUME anything All the information is there…no guessing, no assumptions.

    If you must make guesses and assume things, then the riddle is unsolvable.

    Some logical points to think about:

    1. The table legs are PART of the table. It asks how many legs are UNDER the table. Since a table (which includes its legs) cannot be under itself, you can ignore the number of legs the table has.

    If it was worded “How many legs are under the *table top*, then you could count the table legs, because they are under the table top.

    2. How do you know they are sitting on a chair? What if they are using three legged stools? What if they are trying to get better posture and are using those giant yoga balls?

    Sorry, but you can’t just arbitrarily decide they are using chairs.

    3. You also cannot just assume or guess what the seating arrangements are. You can’t just say half of the chair is under the table. There’s nothing to suggest its half way under, or even all the way out. What if one person is sitting and another is standing next to them?

    What if they are sitting around a coffee table? Now NONE of the chairs are under the table.

    4. Lastly, if the riddle relies on you assuming there are chairs, then its a crappy riddle. Again, I could argue they’re sitting on yoga balls.

    Since the seating arrangements are NOT talked about in any way to get a true number, you must logically assume chairs were not taken into account.

    And since there aren’t any seating arrangements in the riddle, we must logically assume they are STANDING around the table.

    When you are standing around a table, your legs are under YOU, not the table. This makes the number of people irrelevant as well.

    So logically speaking, there is only one answer: ZERO.

  5. the legs of the table reach to the floor… under the table would mean under the legs of the table. assuming the table is on the floor nothing can be under the table…only
    on the same plane as the table.

  6. I totally agree in the laws of mathematics the only legs we know for a fact are under the table are the 4 supporting the table top. We don’t know if they are seated with their legs beneath the table or standing, we don’t know if one of the older women is holding the “granddaughter” who could be an infant and therefore their legs would not be under the table, nor do we know the style of chairs they would be seated on, ie 4 legged, 3 legged stool, a bench, etc. Therefore the only true answer is either 4 table legs or to be more accurate :”not enough data to compute a correct answer”

  7. There cannot be only one granddaughter. Every female is someone’s daughter and someone’s granddaughter. Therefore there are two people: person one is a grandma/mom/daughter/granddaughter, person 2 is mom/daughter/granddaughter. Two people is 4 legs, plus 4 table legs, total of 8 legs.

  8. If the people are standing, the answer is 4. If the people are seated on the floor, there are 8. If they are sitting in chairs, 16. 2 people at the table. One is a grandmother, mom, and daughter. The other is a mom, daughter and granddaughter. 2 people each have 2 legs=4 plus 4 table legs = 8.

  9. I agree the answer is eight. Every woman is a daughter and grand daughter. If my daughter and I are at the table it would meet all the criteria as I am a grandmother and mother and she is a mother. So our 4 legs plus the tables 4 legs equals 8 legs.

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